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A Midwife’s Journey around Washington State

Many different life experiences led me to becoming a midwife

Washington has always been home. I am a wanderer at heart, but I’ve always known I would end up back at my Pacific Northwest roots. After college and a couple of years in the non-profit sector, I set my goal to become a midwife.  Many different life experiences and encounters led me to becoming a midwife, but I would say that the deepest fire was ignited during my global health studies and in my travels to Guatemala. Stories of birthing women, both triumphant and sad, tugged at my heart. The way someone is cared for during birth impacts that woman, baby, and her entire family for the rest of their lives!

Growing into a midwife challenges you to your core

Much of my formal midwifery education was in El Paso, TX, a unique border town. In my time there, not only did I mature my hands into that of a new midwife but gained so much more in the day to day conversations with those living life on the border and with my sister midwives. Each of us came from a different walk of life with one common goal. My time as a midwifery student will always stand out as one of the most transformational times in my life. Growing into a midwife challenges you to your core!

How I came to know and love the Mount Vernon Birth Center

I was thankful that each step I took towards becoming a midwife felt extremely natural, and where to go next was simple. After I graduated from Maternidad La Luz midwifery school and took the national exam, I moved back to Washington in pursuit of life as a Pacific Northwest Midwife. My first job as a midwife was in Seattle. I was grateful to find a job within a clinic of Naturopath Doctors and had so much support. After a couple of years in Seattle, many signs directed me to pursuing a life outside of the urban environment. I knew of some rural midwifery needs and after expressing interest, I was offered a position at Greenbank Birth Center on Whidbey Island. Although my time on Whidbey ended up being shorter in duration, it was quite a significant time where I experienced rural living and midwifery. When I learned about the opportunity at the Mount Vernon Birth Center, it was an easy decision! They were saying goodbye to a beloved Midwife and looking for a replacement. I jumped right in and moved to Mount Vernon a few months after accepting the position!  

Since beginning my time here in Mount Vernon in December of 2018, I have felt so much peace and certainty about my role as a midwife, and hope to be an integral part of the Skagit birth community for many years to come. The role of a midwife is so humbling. There is always room to grow. This job challenges the heart, mind, and soul alike, and I could not ask for a better way to spend my days.