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Skaidre Brown

Student Midwife

My name is Skaidre Brown and I am a student midwife attending Midwives College of Utah. My journey to midwifery has been a long time coming. My first experience with childbirth was the birth of my own son in the hospital. After the birth of my son in the hospital, I just knew there had to be a different way to experience childbirth. I began by reading all I could about natural childbirth. This led me to my next birth, a daughter, also in the hospital but with less interventions. Knowing I could give birth without pain medication gave me the desire to help other people who wanted this. This led me to teaching childbirth classes and attending births as a doula. I just knew, with the right support, most people can give birth under their own esteem. I became passionate about the client’s right to choose what kind of care they would receive and encouraged clients to communicate with their providers. After attending my first birth as a birth doula I was hooked. It was my first experience with out-of-hospital birth and the most beautiful, intimate event I witnessed. It is an experience that led me to my own home birth 2 years later.

The homebirth was all I could have hoped for. I truly built a relationship with my midwife during prenatal appointments and felt she instilled in me a confidence to birth that I hadn’t felt before. Also, it was amazing to not have to travel anywhere in labor and be able to be in my familiar, comforting environment during the birth. But I think the best thing about the midwifery care I received with the homebirth was that everything was a discussion and left up to me to decide what I wanted to do. That control over my own care has helped me grow in confidence as a parent as well. Furthermore, it drives me to provide that kind of care to others when I become a midwife.

As I grew in my experience with being a doula and childbirth educator my spark for learning and desire to support women never wavered. Now that my own kids have grown, I’ve decided it was time to further my education and take on a new role in the birth story, that of the midwife. I treasure the relationships that are built and the knowledge and experience I’m gaining. It continues to grow me as a person, not just in relation to my knowledge about childbirth, but every aspect of my being.