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The Benefits of Baby Wearing

There are many benefits to “wear” your baby in a carrier

Melissa Hilson, CNM, ARNP

A common conversation with new moms often goes something like this: the baby always wants to be held, and when they try to put them down they cry, and how am I ever supposed to get anything done??? It is a wonderful and exhausting time of adjustment in our lives. The answer for myself, and many other parents, is to “wear” your baby in a carrier on your body. There are many benefits to this practice for both parents and babies.

Babies and toddlers love to be worn for a variety of different reasons

Babies like being held close, especially in the early months. After all, they were just snuggled in the womb for nine months. It helps them regulate their vital signs and develop secure attachments with their parents. Parents who wear their babies get to know their baby’s cues well, and can soothe their babies easier, because their needs are met before they cry to get someone’s attention. Older babies love being worn because it allows them to interact with the world in a different way. This is incredibly helpful for their development, as it keeps them constantly engaged and learning. It is also beneficial with older children, helping to keep a toddler involved and entertained, while also keeping them securely in your grasp. 

Hold your baby close to you…hands free!

At the top of my list of benefits is the fact that it lets parents have their hands free to attend to other things, while their baby is simultaneously being held close and comforted. This lets you take care of all kinds of things life demands of us, like housework, food preparation, helping older kids with tasks and playing with them, and grocery shopping (and having room in the cart for groceries and not fearing the car seat tumbling off the cart). It’s also a great way to get outside and take your baby for a walk or hike. Babies are often soothed to sleep by the movement and sounds around them, and many parents report babies who nap better and longer while being worn.

Carriers come in different styles and offer different features to fit your baby wearing needs

There are many different types of carriers available. Some may be better for smaller babies, and others better for older babies and toddlers. Especially as babies get bigger, it is nice to have one that allows you to carry them on your back. Everyone has slightly different needs and preferences, so it is incredibly helpful if you can find a baby wearing group in your local community. These groups often have lots of different types of carriers available that you can try on so you can find one that suits your needs and your baby’s needs.

I know that for me the first time I put my baby in a wrap close and secure against my body and simultaneously had my hands free was life transforming! He loved being worn from the time he was a little newborn, all the way through his toddler years