Why Choose a Birth Center?

Choosing to give birth at the Mount Vernon Birth Center is a great choice for women desiring a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. It is a place where women and families benefit from the care and support of midwives as they choose natural birth. The birth center can be a great choice for families in outlying areas and families who would like to be near a hospital.

Each room has space to move about freely and a private tub where women can choose water birth if desired. Necessary medical supplies and equipment are close at hand. There is room for the whole family to cuddle in bed after birth and families are encouraged to bond with their new baby, as midwives continue to provide supportive care. A typical postpartum stay varies from 2-4 hours.

During your stay at the Mount Vernon Birth Center you can expect one-on-one care from your midwife, the company of your chosen labor support people, privacy and respect. You can expect appropriate monitoring, minimal intervention and freedom of movement, place and position of birth. Your midwife will care for your baby in the immediate postpartum period, facilitate breastfeeding and perform a complete newborn exam. You can rest assured that you and your baby’s well-being are of primary concern.